Vivalia Family Day with Misura

The Vivalia Complex has filled up with joy and color for Family Day, an event specially created for children and parents. The little ones did fun activities, played games and had face paintings while spending quality time with their parents. The snack break was provided by Misura, who offered the kids healthy snacks to regain […]

A piece of your time

On the 8th of March, we’re celebrating mothers and we’re expressing our gratitude for every moment they’ve been by our side, offering us their unconditional love. To celebrate our mothers, we created a special thank-you video through which we encourage you to offer your mother the most valuable present she wants: a piece of your […]

The joy of family dinners

The joy of family dinners feels the best during Christmastime when we all gather home for the holidays. For Christmas, we created the campaign „The joy of family dinners”, thinking of the importance of family time, especially during the holiday season. We wanted to point out the most important moments of a child’s life, the […]

Authentic Romanian taste

From the passion for authentic elements and the care for products, Transavia starts the „Authentic Romanian taste” project, by joining forces with successful Romanian brands. We are happy to be a part of this project whose main goal is to educate consumers regarding authentic Romanian products of exceptional quality. Chef Marcian Vodnar specially prepared a […]

CONTEST – Appetite for fun

At the seaside, at the mountains, at the party or at the movies – fun is different for everyone. Just like the Monte Banato Cheese CD Crackers, ready to fill your #AppetiteForFun with 6 delicious flavors. *The contest takes place between 6 September 2019 and 20 September 2019. Read the Contest Rules here.

CONTEST – Sweet Moments Taste

Meet the new dessert pasta assortment, specially created for the sweet meals that you love so much! Based on a special ingredient mix, we created three new pasta shapes for a special sweet treat that you can make at home!To celebrate this occasion, we created a delicious contest! Answer correctly to all of the questions […]